Quack Quack
The Team


After having finished my Diploma in Engineering I developed websites and mini games. Afterwards, I was Senior App Developer at German publisher Bastei Lübbe. In 2016, I acquired my Master in Game Development and Research (Cologne Game Lab).

Enjoyed playing: Maniac Mansion, Thimbleweed Park, Firewatch and Tomb Raider.

Jörg Burbach

Game Designer, Developer


Because of my love for letters and stories
I studied German philology, French and Media studies in Göttingen, Rennes and Bonn. After side trips to communication agencies,
I attended a training program for Dramaturgy in Berlin in 2015.

Enjoyed playing: Monkey Island (2), Day of the Tentacle, Love you to Bits, Candy Crush.

Sabrina Burbach

Narrative Designer, PR