Our Studio

In our fast-paced time, to catch a players attention, one element is needed: a good story.

The Cologne-based studio Ducks on the Water develops interactive, narrative video games for Computer and Mobile.

Founded in 2016 and grant aided by the Mediengründerzentrum.

Our Games

Prepare original Japanese
Takoyaki with 4 ingredients.

Text adventure: 1 Game Designer,
1,000 ideas, 0 money!

A fun game about a monster,
your voice and sonic waves.

Interactive text adventure
based on Brothers Grimms tales.

Hyper (Space)
Casual game

 Be unpredictable,
be real, be interesting.
Tell a good story.

James Dashner

Currently, we are working on…

  • an interactive text adventure in a fairytale setting (FaGoWi)
  • a text adventure in dialog form which recaps the daily life
    of a Game Designer (NoMoDu)

Quack Quack
The Team


After having finished my Diploma in Engineering I developed websites and mini games. Afterwards, I was Senior App Developer at German publisher Bastei Lübbe. In 2016, I acquired my Master in Game Development and Research (Cologne Game Lab).

Enjoyed playing: Maniac Mansion, Thimbleweed Park, Firewatch and Tomb Raider.

Jörg Burbach

Game Designer, Developer


Because of my love for letters and stories
I studied German philology, French and Media studies in Göttingen, Rennes and Bonn. After side trips to communication agencies,
I attended a training program for Dramaturgy in Berlin in 2015.

Enjoyed playing: Monkey Island (2), Day of the Tentacle, Love you to Bits, Candy Crush.

Sabrina Burbach

Narrative Designer, PR

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DOTW GmbH | Ducks on the Water Games
c/o Cologne Game Haus, Room 4.24 (4th floor)
Deutz-Mülheimer-Str. 30
50679 Cologne